Sunday, 23 October 2011

Who saw Selena Gomez?!

This girl!

Just last week I saw Selena Gomez in concert and wanted to share my experience.

I wore a purple bandeau with a zipper in the front from Garage. Over-top was a purple lace(back) razor back tank top. And then for my pants I wore my favourite jeans form True Religion. They are just dark wash skinnys. Then I straightened my hair, added a purple streak from Claires, and brought my Italian leather back-pack style "purse."

So my bff and I left at around 5 ish? Yup.

Then we took our seats on the floor, row 11. Centre from the catwalk. Christina Grimme and Shawn Desmen opened for her. Then intermission began. Then SELENA GOMEZ came out and sung, "when the sun goes down." We had made a huge sparkly poster that a ton of girls complimented us on. But when we held it up the security people said "Your poster is too high and you are blocking peoples view." So we weren't allowed to hold it up. But we did at the beginning and at the end, she saw it. And Selena looked me right in the eye. Legit. Some people might say that "oh she was just looking at everyone" or whatevs. But she looked at me at least 5 times. Swear. I bought this really big cool thick glow stick, not from the concert, and it was real big and I held it up the WHOLE time. Since we were so close and in front of her, she saw me. ME!!! Haha.

XO Nikol

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