Friday, 9 December 2011

Holiday Cheer and there's a New Year!

Hey girlies!


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Saturday, 5 November 2011

Swithcing blogs...agian... ohsoohaute

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I transwferred all my old posts to my new blog!


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Sunday, 23 October 2011

Who saw Selena Gomez?!

This girl!

Just last week I saw Selena Gomez in concert and wanted to share my experience.

I wore a purple bandeau with a zipper in the front from Garage. Over-top was a purple lace(back) razor back tank top. And then for my pants I wore my favourite jeans form True Religion. They are just dark wash skinnys. Then I straightened my hair, added a purple streak from Claires, and brought my Italian leather back-pack style "purse."

So my bff and I left at around 5 ish? Yup.

Then we took our seats on the floor, row 11. Centre from the catwalk. Christina Grimme and Shawn Desmen opened for her. Then intermission began. Then SELENA GOMEZ came out and sung, "when the sun goes down." We had made a huge sparkly poster that a ton of girls complimented us on. But when we held it up the security people said "Your poster is too high and you are blocking peoples view." So we weren't allowed to hold it up. But we did at the beginning and at the end, she saw it. And Selena looked me right in the eye. Legit. Some people might say that "oh she was just looking at everyone" or whatevs. But she looked at me at least 5 times. Swear. I bought this really big cool thick glow stick, not from the concert, and it was real big and I held it up the WHOLE time. Since we were so close and in front of her, she saw me. ME!!! Haha.

XO Nikol

Saturday, 15 October 2011


Hey everyone!

So a few days ago I went to the mall (quickly) to pick up a hold I had at a local boutique at my mall. Then I quickly stopped in 2 stores. Here is what I bought! I am not trying to brag or anything. I just need more posts on here! Haha.

And this was the smoothie I made today! Yummy!

Justin Bieber Nail Polish!!! Purple, my favourite colour! They are mini but soo cute.

American Eagle long necklace and set of rings, on sale!

This cute AE tank in purple. Can you guess what my favourite color is? Haha.

***All photo's in this post were taken by me :)
XO Nikol

Sunday, 9 October 2011


Today I feel like posting pictures that inspire me, from - cleaning up my room to vacationing in luxury.

Pictures from

XO Nikol

Friday, 7 October 2011


Marc Jacobs campaign line for his latest perfume called" Oh, Lola" has recently been shot by Dakota Fanning. In this picture above, from, she look's very pretty. Watching her grow up over the years has been interesting. She is now modelling for high end designers!

Here are some photo's of her:

Model esque yet?

XO Nikol

Saturday, 1 October 2011

New Month

Hey girls! Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have been so buzy and stressed about school. I'm sure you all have been there, and done that, or are right now!

It's October 1st, 2011 and I'm ready to start a new month! At least I was, up until the morning. I was feeling so sick, ill, and barfy...yeah. But now it's 1:02pm and I'm feeling fine.

Anyways... I need to clean out everything! As in organize and such.


XO Nikol

Friday, 23 September 2011

High School Tips

Today I have some major confidence advice for school! I know it's friday, but when you go back to school on Monday, be sure to follow my rules!
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1. Backpacks, I know tacky much but who cares, tote's hurt your shoulders/back. If you're all about style though go ahead for a messenger bag. They are so IN this fall.

2. Never settle for anything less than the best. Shine academically, physically, and mentally. School may be a place for education, but who says you can’t make it your runway as well?

3. Plan out a daily routine schedule. This will help you stay organized throughout your day, and if planned right, you will be able to fit everything you need/want to do.

4. Make-up should be subtle for school. Too much make-up can be mistaken for “The School’s Tramp”. This means, avoid too much eyeshadow (dramatic smokey-eyes are fine, only using subtle colours like greys and browns), and overuse of eyeliner.
5. Live. Go to parties (not too much), hang out with friends, sign up for after-school activites, and enjoy your four years of high school. These can be the best or the worst years of your life. It’s up to you what you make them be. Just remember, after this it’s time for the real world. So, take advantage of all the privilages you have now and live them up.
XO Nikol

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Fall for Jackets

In Canada, it start's to get chilly in the fall season. Of course we are soo not ready to put on our winter snow jackets, we still have time to wear fashionable jackets.

This fall, the trend for fall jackets includes, cropped leather jackets, vintage military jackets, and varsity jackets. They all have two things in common, they are both stylish and comfortable!

Here are some pictures to show you the trend, from the runway to the streets!

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Tell me what you think of these trends and if you plan on wearing any of them!

XO Nikol

Get Rid of Under Eye Circles, Naturally

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Want to find a "au natural" way of getting rid of those morning under eye puffy circles? Well, you should start off by sleeping with your face up. This will help in many ways since your face is not facing downwards your eyes can't bag down. If your face is up and away from your pillow, you won't get as many impurities on your face from the bacteria in your pillow. This position also helps improve your sleep! 

Eventually throughout the night you will end up on the sides of your face, but you should never have your whole face on the pillow, this will result in under eye circles and bacteria on your face. Sounds gross right?

So step away Garnier eye roller, and good morning rise to a good night sleep without any under eye circles. 

XO Nikol

Teen Vogue® Bedding Collection

Are you tired of you're boring bedroom? Cluttered, un-stylish, and not-you? Need some personality in your room, bring it to life!

Teen Vogue came out with a bedding collection last year and has now got me Gaga for it. I'm going to list what I think about each of the sets. Enjoy!

Teen Vogue Bedding

J'dore it! The soft pink against the chocolate brown wall. To die for. This room is very cozy yet stylish and girly. Those hearts are very pretty, but not overpowering. This room is very girly but elegant. There is some clutter on the table, but it blends in with the practicality of this room. I love the mannequin, so cute! I also love how there is drawing's on the wall, but it's not "too much." It add's a pop of colour, rather than just having the focal point on the comforter and carpet/rug. In general, I love how this room is girly, but has warmth. The colour's, brown, white, and pink are a perfect combination together.

Teen Vogue Bedding Inspiration

This bedroom is growing on me. It has a rustic, girly charm. It's definitely not my style, but it's very elegant but cozy. More so for a horse rider or if you live in the country. Flowers, in the comforter and the rug make a nice sweet pop of colour. It replicated outside. Flowers.

Teen Vogue Bedding Inspiration

City sheek, is what comes to mind when I see this bedroom. I absolutely love it. The purples, pink's, yellow's and whites, along with a sleek finish of crimson grey makes this room perfect for the city. You don't have to live in the city for this bedroom style though. It would be perfect for anyone who likes this style!

Teen Vogue Bedding Inspiration

This room is so not my style, but any girl out there who loves the beach and surfing, this room is for you! The tie die accent really brings out the colour's of the ocean. The wooden walls have a touch of "au natural." The white cashmere carpet, gives the perfect touch of cozyness!

Teen Vogue Bedding Inspiration

Vintage floral. I like the pop of colour of yellow from contrast of the bedding. You like book's? This might be a rom for anyone!

Teen Vogue Bedding Inspiration

This room is fit for a girly, sophisticated, fashionista! Add a mannequin in there, and boom! Your room is going to look stunning, just like you. This is a bedroom you will have a girly night sleep in for sure!

XO Nikol

Walk like an Egyptian

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Needing confidence in your walk? "Walk like and Egyptian!" People (girls...) tend to lose confidence or desire to present them selves in a proper manner, meaning, the simplest thing's like smiling, welcoming their peer's, and of course walking. Come on girls! We weren't born to act like slumps, lazy, jerks. That... was designed for a creation called the "man" or "boy."

Here are a few simple to tip's to remember while you walk, people are always watching you. Not to sound creepy, but it's true.

First stand straight. Chin up. Shoulder's back. And smile!

Secondly, don't walk to fast or to slow. You don't want to seem like you need to go to the washroom badly, nor' want to get out of a class, meeting or are just depressed. Walk at a pace where you count to a song.

Feeling proud and confident? Walk to the beat of a favourite song with an up tight beat, ex. Party in The USA or Canada! Feeling not so much "in the mood?" Then walk to the sound of a song everyone knows that might boost your spirit, ex. Unwritten. When you strut your walk like an egyptian princess (without the hand movements and head bobbing), with confidence like you rule the side walk/pathway, people will notice, and maybe that someone special, or your already' special.

XO Nikol

Hydration Station

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I'm about to introduce to you a natural ingredient that all skin care line's use. Water. Oh yes, this the most abundant natural resource you can find, of course that is most of it is 70% salt water. 

First tip I have for you  is to obviously drink 8 cup's a day every 2hr. Bring a cute water bottle to school or work and make sure it's stainless steel, or PBA free. It will rehydrate your skin and if you actually drink the 8 cup's a day for 1 week, your skin will be left feeling fresh (as well as your body) and clean. Don't forget to continue the cycle though, in a month, your skin and body with be healthy and naturally glowing!

Second tip is before you put on makeup you should hydrate (HA) your face by not only drinking water, but by applying it to your face. Apply it with a warm-hot cloth, all over your neck and face, then wait 3 minuets to apply foundation. If you're not a foundation user, but a primer user then simply HA 1 minute (max.) after or wait for it to soak in. Now your skin is ready for a little natural magic!

XO Nikol

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Fall for This

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Fall has finally come with a present for us! As we store away our ripped jean short's and bikini's, we have the opportunity to change up our makeup too. Ever since I started to wear makeup, I've always passed on the browns/rust/pumpkin lipstick color's because they just happened to not look pretty to me. I learnt something since then, don't have a closed mind (have an open one)! They don't just look gorgeous on redheads, they look amazing on everyone! 

You can go soft with a rusty nude or carmel or gold bold with a deep orange. May I suggest pairing it with a simple neutral eye... or just a light brown shadow with mascara? This will look beautiful!

XO Nikol

Narzeille Blog Opener

Hello, I'm the writer for this revolutionary blog. Narzeille. Throughout my blogging journey I will take you through what its like to live in my world and of course, I can't be blogging without talking about my favourite thing! Fashion. There will be lots of fashion posts, advice column's, and much more! Life moves pretty fast, this should keep you up on mine. Thank's for visiting and don't forget to follow!

I hope you will enjoy looking at my blog and choose to visit soon.

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